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Statistical consultants for clinical trials

Ensure valid research data from phase I to final submission and reduce time to market with BioStata’s statistical consultancy services.

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Why use statistical consultants in clinical trials?

Objective, statistically valid research data are critical to proving the effect of a drug or device in clinical trials.

Nine times out of ten our statistical consultants uncover faults in the study design or protocol which can have severe consequences in the form of inadmissible data, submission delays, additional questions from medical authorities, and, ultimately, the drug or device not being approved at all.

Ensure data compliance with experienced statistical consultants

BioStata’s team of experienced statistical consultants help you navigate the complexity of clinical trial statistics, prevent data errors, meet regulatory requirements and deadlines, and reduce your medical therapy’s time to market.

Our statistical consultancy services include:

Receive submission-ready data

Our statistical consultants work closely with our competent team of various clinical data experts to ensure that you produce and receive objective, submission-ready data.

Our statistical consultants assist:

As a sponsor, you get:

Some of our clients say:

We have worked with BioStata for three years. They have provided submission-ready data, which enabled us to submit to the authorities ahead of plan. Timely deliveries, quality, commitment, and flexibility are the keywords describing our collaboration.

Jeff Craven
Principal Medical Writer Contura International A/S

3 reasons why our statistical consultants are a good choice:

1. Experienced

Our statistical consultants are highly experienced and deliver quality work regardless of your budget.

2. Flexible

We are used to the unpredictable nature of long-running clinical trials and strive to adapt to changing deadlines and project scopes.

3. Transparent

At BioStata, we only sell you what you need, and we are transparent about our methods throughout the process.

Invest in a solid statistical foundation for your clinical trial

We adapt our statistics service offer to match your budget.

In close collaboration with you, we define the scope of the project and any additional CRO services required to help you meet regulatory data standards.

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What to expect from our statistical consulting services

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